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AADE Pathway

Getting Accredited in DSME through the AADE Pathway


What is AADE?

The American Association of Diabetes Educators is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management and support. The mission of AADE is to empower diabetes educators to expand the horizons of innovative education, management and support.


What are the advantages to AADE?

As the only organization dedicated solely to diabetes education, AADE has the expertise and resources required to support DSMT programs. Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) includes program flexibility, multi-site accreditation, a simple fee structure and a stop-start online application with the ability to upload your supporting documents. DEAP not only supports sites in traditional settings, but has significantly expanded program options for diabetes care professionals by offering improved support for community-based settings such as physician offices, pharmacies, churches, and community centers.


How to Apply:

Step 1:Get Ready!
  • How to get started:  Applying for Accreditation
  • Work to obtain within the last year 15 credits of CE on diabetes related topics.  (unless already a Certified Diabetes Educator - CDE)
  • Available CE programs
    ○ PPA
  • Develop your curriculum to cover seven self-care behaviors
  • Register on the AADE website and review the Application Packet
  • Download and save to use for reference the Application Checklist!

        ○ Application Fees 


The following Standards have specific templates which are very useful in the development of your program.  In fact, you are strongly encouraged to use and follow these carefully to ensure your program is accepted.

Standard 1 - Mission Statement/Goals, Organizational Chart/Structure, Policies, and Job Descriptions

Standard 2 - Advisory Group

Standard 3 - Target Population

Standard 5 - Sample Mechanism to Ensure Patient's Needs are Met

Standard 7 - Individual Assessment, Education Plan

Standard 7 - Example Initial Patient Self-Assessment

Standard 7 - Checklist for De-Identified Patient Chart

Standard 8 - Follow-up Plan

Standard 8 - Example Follow-Up Plan for Adults

Standard 8 - Example Personalized Plan for Ongoing Diabetes Self Care

Standard 8 - Example of Ongoing Self-Management Support

Standard 9 - Goal Sheet

Standard 9 - SMART Goal Sheet

Standard 10 - Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan

Standard 10 - Second Example, CQI Plan

Step 2:

Enroll patients in program and track outcomes
● One patient must complete the program through follow up to apply


Step 3:

Submit application to AADE


Step 4:

Within 2-6 weeks AADE will contact you to set up a phone interview or site audit


Step 5:

Obtain Medicare reimbursement
● See AADE DSMT Reimbursement tips

Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) FAQs


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