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1878 Society

 Join the 1878 Society today!

The 1878 Society was created as a special, student-only, way to contribute to PharmPAC - the affiliated political action committee of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association.  PAC contributions help our advocacy efforts each year.  Without these dollars, we may not be able to work towards additional successes in advancing the profession.  Your contributions help protect and strengthen all of our important efforts.   Learn more by visiting our Legislative Issues page.




1878 stands for the year of PPA's original founding and your commitment in joining the society is an excellent way to make a symbolic contribution, honoring the past, recognizing the present, and saluting yourself as the future of the pharmacy profession!  Your contribution shows your commitment to PPA and  pharmacy as it signifies the founding year for PPA.


Learn More About PharmPAC and the 1878 Society

Click here to view a short video explaining why students should join and contribute $18.78 to PharmPAC.  Once you make a contribution, your name will be added to the 1878 Society.  As the 1878 Society is developed, be on the lookout for special recognition, information, and advocacy opportunities for our donors.

Make a Contribution!

Click here to make an online contribution to 1878 Society.  Be sure to choose the 1878 Society as your contribution.


Contributions can be made using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards through our secure payment server. If you would prefer to pay with a check, you may print off a hard-copy contribution form, complete and then please make the check payable to PharmPAC and send it to the following address:  PharmPAC, 508 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101


Click here for a printable contribution form to print off and mail to us with your check or fax to us with your credit card information.


Thank you to those students who are current 1878 Society Members:

Please consider Making your commitment today!

• Dana Achenbach - Wilkes University

• Mohamed Amer - LECOM
• Hannah Cawoski - Duquesne University

• Jamie Celento - Duquesne University
• Mariah Corso - Duquesne University 

• Keri Diehl - Wilkes University

• Sara DiLascio - LECOM

• Kaitlin Fairlamb - LECOM 

• Anthony Fanucci - Wilkes University 

• Dominika Foltyn - Wilkes University

• Ashley Freeman - LECOM 

• Christian Giovannini - Wilkes University

• Rebecca Goetz - LECOM

• Alex Gragg - LECOM

• Alexandra Grudeski - Wilkes University

• Sally Habusta - LECOM

• Keito Hoshitsuki - University of Pittsburgh

• Joelle Kaminsky - LECOM

• Tyler Liebegott - LECOM

• Kristen Lopatofsky - Wilkes University
• Kenneth O'Donnell - Jefferson School of Pharmacy
• Terry Pak - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
• Rachael Richter - Duquesne University

• Rayann Seager - LECOM
• Jennifer Smith - Wilkes University

• Felicia Snyder - Wilkes University

• Erik Whyne - LECOM


Host a PAC Fundraiser!

Interested in hosting a PAC fundraiser at your school? Contact Jeff Stuby for more information and suggestions on some fun ideas!


Contributions for PharmPAC are voluntary expenditures and are not deductible for federal tax income as a charitable contribution. The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Political Action Committee complies with applicable laws and files regular reports with the Bureau of Elections.

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