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It's MY RX and it should be MY CHOICE

where I get it filled!

What's happening... 

Everyday, patients are told that they cannot receive their medications from their local, trusted, pharmacist. Instead, they must have their medications, some of which are temperature and movement sensitive, dropped on their doorstep by their mail carrier. Companies called Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) create contracts with insurance companies and large corporations to design benefit plans that take pharmacy choice away from Pennsylvania's patients. Why? Because the PBMs say it's cheaper. But in reality -- wasted medications, mistakes and lower medication adherence rates lead to higher health care costs in the long-run. Additionally, many Insurance companies and corporations are getting "kick-backs" and/or rebates just for making you switch your medications. These savings are seldom if ever passed on to you, the patient, the customer and the employee. 

These actions hurt you and your community. For every script that is sent to a mail-order warehouse, jobs and revenue for your community go with it. These mail-order warehouses are in New Jersey, Missouri and Rhode Island - not Pennsylvania.

Find out more about Mail order waste...

We continue to keep the following materials related to mandatory mail order up on the website so that these tools may still be used to answer questions that patients or lawmakers may have about these issues.


Myth/Fact Sheet 10 Suggestions to Overcome Mandatory Mail Order Community vs.Mail Order Pharmacy Facts

NCPA's "False Savings of Mail Order Pharmacies" fact sheet
NCPA's slideshow: "Waste Not Want Not" (mail order pharmacy waste pictures) NCPA's "Understanding Mail Order" slideshow presentation


A Comparison of Costs of Medicare Part D Prescriptions Dispensed at Retail and Mail Order Pharmacies - A research study, authored by Norman V. Carroll, PhD, a Professor of Pharmacoeconimcs and Health Outcomes, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, concluded that third-party payers, including Medicare, paid more for prescription dispensed at mail order pharmacies than for those dispensed at retail pharmacies in the Medicare Part D program.





Click here to view a report the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) recently issued called "The Expensive Truth Behind Taxpayer-Funded Mail Order Pharmaceuticals". It offers a critical analysis of how federal prescription drug programs such as Medicare, TRICARE and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program are susceptible to waste, fraud and abuse because of the lack of transparency and oversight of mail order pharmacies and their owners. 


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