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PPA Outstanding Pharmacy Student Awards

Annually, the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association presents the PPA Outstanding Pharmacy Student Award to one graduating pharmacy student at each of the seven Pennsylvania schools of pharmacy. This award honors and recognizes students who have been most active in pharmacy organizations during his/her academic years. Recipients are selected by their school's faculty or student awards committee and especially PPA.


2016 Recipients

Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy


Mariah Deibert, PharmD


 I feel very honored to have been awarded Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association’s Outstanding Student Award for the Class of 2016! I have experienced many memorable events and have met many great friends through PPA that I look forward to continuing to work with in the future. My participation in this organization has helped me grow personally and professionally. I had the pleasure of being able to participate in multiple Legislative Days and advocate for the profession of pharmacy. I plan to continue to be a part of PPA throughout my pharmacy career. I have been proud to be a part of this wonderful organization, and it is very humbling to be recognized with this award.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy



Jamie Shepherd, PharmD


I can’t even begin to express how honored I am to be named the PPA Outstanding student of the year of 2016 from LECOM. PPA has provided me with incredible opportunities including networking with pharmacists and students at conferences, providing educational programs, and advocating for our profession. After completing the GRASP program with PPA, I realized the importance of advocating for our profession and how to understand the law-making process so we can effectively deliver our message to representatives of our state. To say I’m grateful to be part of this organization is an understatement. I have no doubts that my future career will include PPA. After graduation, I plan to work with Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, PA as a pharmacist, right across the river from PPA headquarters. I look forward to seeing what PPA will have to offer throughout my growing career
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Breanna Kester, PharmD

It is with great gratitude that I accept PPA’s outstanding student award, what an honor! My involvement with this wonderful association has only benefitted me as a person and as a future pharmacist. Now that I am a PCP graduate (finally!) I plan to continue my career with Walmart pharmacy. I started working there as an intern during my first year of pharmacy school and have continued to learn and grow with the company. Recently, the pharmacy started incorporating medication therapy management into the business, which I am a full supporter of. I think this is a great way to connect with patients and make sure that they are getting the most appropriate and affordable medications. As for the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, I could not be more excited to continue attending conferences to learn, network, and advocate for the profession. PPA has always provided its members with the most up to date information regarding state policies and recently approved laws that affect our everyday practice, and continuing to receive that information will be of great use during my first year as a pharmacist.
Temple University School of Pharmacy






 Nissa Tasnim, PharmD


I was thrilled to learn, during graduation, about being honored with the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association Outstanding Student from Class of 2016. During my pharmacy school career at Temple, PPA has provided me with lots of learning opportunities and experiences, which allowed me to grow as a person and as a student pharmacist. The opportunity to serve as the President of the organization at the school level, while serving as a liaison between the state and local chapter has afforded me a lot of wonderful chances to be involved with the association. I was fortunate enough to attend the different conferences, legislative day and the GRASP program. I have had the pleasure to take part in the self-care competition and advocate for my profession, where I was able to meet my legislator and discuss key legislature issues, involving the profession of pharmacy. The association has served to provide excellent networking opportunities, where I was able to meet wonderful people and establish lifelong friendships. I hope to work with these wonderful individuals in the future. As I move from being a student to a professional, I will be completing my PGY1 residency at Reading Hospital starting in July. PPA has served me well by providing exceptional opportunities and I plan to stay connected, advocate and give back to my profession through my involvement with PPA. I am so humbled to have won this award and I would like to thank PPA for choosing me for this award.

 University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy




Kelsey Moss, PharmD

 I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition by PPA. PPA has provided me with many mentors and networking opportunities throughout my time as a student pharmacist at the University of Pittsburgh. My participation in PPA has been rewarding and I am looking forward to the future opportunities as a new practitioner. PPA has made such an impact on my education and has set the foundation for me to excel in my career – I will be beginning my pharmacist career as an Ambulatory Care-Focused PGY1 Resident at Allegheny General Hospital while working part-time as a Pharmacist for Rite Aid in the Pittsburgh area. Again, thank you to everyone at PPA!

Wilkes University Nesbitt College of Pharmacy



Trina Patel, PharmD 

My involvement in the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association has taught me a lot about pharmacy, leadership, and advocacy. In the four years that I have been a member I have grown both personally and professionally and am very honored to be an Outstanding Student for the class of 2016. By attending multiple conferences, I was able to network with students, pharmacists, and teachers at Wilkes University. I am the leader that I am today because of my involvement in PPA at a local and state level. I am very thankful that I was able to be part of such a great organization as a student and cannot wait to see what opportunities I will have as a pharmacist in PPA!


2015 Recipients

Duquesne University: Benjamin Andrick, PharmD

Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Marcell Martinez, PharmD

LECOM: Alicia Shontz, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Antonella Frattarelli, PharmD

Temple University:Michael Bellano, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Kyle McGrath, PharmD

Wilkes University: Alysha Lopez, PharmD, RPh

2014 Recipients

Duquesne University: Haley Wochner
Jefferson University: Yuliya Barett
LECOM: Katherine Trexler
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Lydia Watkins
Temple University: Parth Bhatt
University of Pittsburgh: Brandon Antinopoulos
Wilkes University: Courtney Graham


2013 Recipients

Duquesne University: Keith Miller
Jefferson University: Kristine Manlangit
LECOM: Erin Sypolt
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Victoria Hart
Temple University: Ramzan Ali Judge
University of Pittsburgh: Erin Burke
Wilkes University: Benjamin Beidel


2012 Recipients

Duquesne University: Kyle Hampson
Jefferson University: Ryan Moser
LECOM: Brooke Spino
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Greg Yugov
Temple University: Jolita Burbulyte
University of Pittsburgh: Nick Wytiaz
Wilkes University: Tia Hickman


2011 Recipients

Duquesne University: Rebecca Watson
LECOM: Jennifer Bailey
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Thomas Franko
Temple University: Megha Patel
University of Pittsburgh: Jennifer Bacci
Wilkes University: Sarah Witkowski


2010 Recipients

Duquesne University: JJ Leffler
LECOM: Jaime Caputo
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Kristin Katra
Temple University: Narin Ahmed
University of Pittsburgh: Karleen Melody
Wilkes University: Adam Wood


2009 Recipients

Duquesne University: Christie Williamson
LECOM: Ashley King
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Denise Alexander
Temple University: Albert Cheng
University of Pittsburgh: Gretchen Kreckel
Wilkes University: Todd Weibel



2008 Recipients

Duquesne University: Megan Barnes
LECOM: Mariya Pacak
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Elizabeth Mills
Temple University: Sejal Patel
University of Pittsburgh: Nickolas Kernich
Wilkes University: Melissa Sweigart






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