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Select Your Member Type
Please review the following descriptions of each primary option and then, at the bottom of this page, select one of these primary member types to join as a member: 

Affiliated County Dues: 
Please note that these are base amounts and that additional dues, that vary by membership category, will be invoiced for county affiliated memberships.

Pharmacist: $259 for any registered or licensed pharmacist, individuals not licensed or registered but who have a degree in pharmacy from an accredited school of pharmacy, and teachers of pharmacy, chemistry and other sciences or arts, the knowledge of which is necessary to the practice of pharmacy. Access the application in printable format.  Please note there are additional dues categories as listed below with in the Pharmacist membership category:
           Joint with Spouse/Pharmacist: $129 for any individual who would qualify for Active Membership but is
           the Spouse of an already Active Member.
           New Practitioner – First through Seventh Year: respectively $35, $55, $75, $105, $135, $175, $215

           special reduced dues for graduating pharmacy students for their first seven years following graduation.
           Retired: $89 for individuals who have been active PPA members or a member of a county or regional
           association for five years who request transfer to the retired dues category. Must be eligible for Social
           Security and not be employed more than 20 hours per week. The dues reduction will take effect for the
           next dues cycle.
           Part-time Pharmacist: $129 for individuals who are licensed pharmacists but who are only working
           part-time. Hours per week may not exceed 20 hours. Access the application in printable format.
           Academia Corporate Membership is available to any additional full-time faculty at one of the seven
           schools  of pharmacy in Pennsylvania, who are all part of the Academia Partnership program.  Under 
           the partnership program, after the base fee, additional faculty are charged a $110 annual amount. 
           Please contact PPA directly if you have any questions regarding the fees and/or application process.
           All applications are subject to approval.

Student: $ 20 for any student enrolled in a professional undergraduate pharmacy curriculum.  Students may also have specific school chapter dues or may select a multi-year discount program.

Pharmacy Technician: $40 for individuals working as pharmacy technicians, both those who are certified and those who are not currently. Members will have access to ten (10) free, one hour, home study continuing education programs.

Associate: $129 for those persons who are desirous of advancing the interests of pharmacy or whom may be actively engaged in the manufacture, distribution, or sale of prescription drugs in licensed pharmacies, but who are not themselves licensed. Examples include individuals who work for wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, accountants, and others who market business products to pharmacists.

Dues paid to the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, such payments may be deductible as a business expense under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The portion of the membership fee not deductible as attributable to lobbying expenses is 10%.

* Be sure for New Practitioner, that you are selecting the correct level.  For example:  New Practitioner 1 is for your first year post graduation, New Practitioner 2 is for your second, and so forth.

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