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AADE Pathway

Getting Accredited in DSME through the AADE Pathway


What is AADE?

The American Association of Diabetes Educators is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management and support. The mission of AADE is to empower diabetes educators to expand the horizons of innovative education, management and support.


This is the pathway that PPA is supporting through its grant supported pilot program to enroll pharmacies.  Pharmacies outside of the program are encouraged to consider either pathway.  However, our online help for AADE is available to any pharmacy.


What are the Advantages to AADE?

As the only organization dedicated solely to diabetes education, AADE has the expertise and resources required to support DSMT programs. Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) includes program flexibility, multi-site accreditation, a simple fee structure and a stop-start online application with the ability to upload your supporting documents. DEAP not only supports sites in traditional settings, but has significantly expanded program options for diabetes care professionals by offering improved support for community-based settings such as physician offices, pharmacies, churches, and community centers.


How to Apply:

Step 1:Get Ready!
  • How to get started:  Applying for Accreditation
  • Work to obtain within the last year 15 credits of CE on diabetes related topics.  (unless already a Certified Diabetes Educator - CDE)  Both Program Coordinators and Instructors need this!  Please note the PPA workshops and program at our Mid Year offer six hours!
  • Available CE programs


PPA Webinar Prep Series: 

(the suggested progress through the series for 2918-2019 is listed in parenthesis)

Module 1 - Orientation and Standards 1 through 3    (Week of December 3)

                   Click here for a pdf of the slides     Click here for a recording of the webinar   


Module 2 - Standards 4 and 5  (Week of December 10)

                   Click here for a pdf of the slides     Click here for a recording of the webinar


Module 3 - Standards 6 and 7   (Week of December 17)

                   Click here for a pdf of the slides     Click here for a recording of the webinar


Module 4 - Standards 8 and 9   (Week of January 7)

                  Click here for a pdf of the slides      Click here for a recording of the webinar


Module 5 - Standard 10   (Week of January 14)
                  Click here for a pdf of the slides      Click here for a recording of the webinar

Additional Webinars:  


DSME Billing Modules


STRANDAn Option for DSME Billing


Patient Perceptions

Putting Your Application together!


AADE 7 Training

If you have trouble downloading the movie, here’s a ZIP file containing the movie: Click here


AADE Curriculum Book


Post Accreditation Webinars:

DSMES Accreditation - Now What - Part 1

DSMES Accreditation - Now What - Part 2

Applying for Accreditation

Please note: Medicare or AADE can audit you even if you are not billing for your services. Set a goal to see at least 10 patients per year, whether you are billing or not in order to have data to maintain accreditation.  The items an auditor will look for during an audit are listed here:  Auditor Checklist for 2017 Standards and Education Record (Chart) Review


Helpful Templates

The following templates have been created as a tool when applying for AADE accreditation. The templates are aligned with each of the ten standards. For additional resources on documents required when submitting the application, please refer to the 2017 AADE Interpretative Guidance Document.


Standard 1

Standard 2

Standard 3


Standard 4 and 5

Standard 6

Standard 7

Standard 8

Standard 9

Standard 10


Step 2:

Enroll patients in program and track outcomes
● One patient must complete the program through follow up to apply


Step 3:

Submit application to AADE  Application must be started and completed within 90 days and documents uploaded as individual pdfs.  Only certain portions allow saving of work done.


Step 4:

Within 2-6 weeks AADE will contact you to set up a phone interview or site audit


Step 5:

Obtain Medicare reimbursement
● See AADE DSMT Reimbursement tips

Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) FAQs


Special PPA Initiative in 2018-2019:

What PPA is providing:

1.   Training and information, as well as mentoring to walk you through the Application and program launch process

2.    Includes 5 advance webinars and assignment of a "coach/mentor" to provide direct assistance

3.    At least up to six hours of the 15 hours of diabetes CE required for program coordinator and instructors.

4.    In person workshop registration, as well as Mid Year conference registration, an approximate $350 value. This is for PPA members only!  Workshop will include an intensive three hour session on the application and three hours of additional related CE programming at the Mid Year.  Approved program applicants should contact Pat Epple for the promo code prior to registration to get this included.

5.    You may also send a second person to the workshop - if they are not a PPA member - we can only cover the member fee portion to attend.

6.    Coverage of the $1100 AADE application fee.  (also the $100 for additional locations).  Payment only after application submitted and approved.

7.    You will get a complimentary AADE membership for on year upon successful accreditation of site.

8.    You will receive a $130 book which will help you launch your program.



Please contact Pat Epple at pepple@papharmacists.com with any questions.


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