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Asthma Self Management: Medications

Medicines for Asthma

The Medline Plus website contains a wealth of information in patient friendly language about a number of health topics.  These pages specifically discuss the various treatment options available for asthma, split into the two types of asthma medications: control medications and quick relief medications. The page also contains a number of links to more detailed information and medical literature.

Asthma Control Meds - Click here for this link.

Asthma Quick Relief Meds-  Click here for this link.


Your Guide to Asthma Medicines

This comprehensive guide created by the Allergy and Asthma Drug Guide discusses a variety of topics related to management of asthma including allergies, all different types of medicines and ways to afford your medicines.

Click here for this guide.


How is Asthma Treated and Controlled?

This NIH (National Institutes of Health - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) website offers information on the different ways to treat and control asthma including medications, action plans, triggers, tracking methods, peak flow meters and emergency care.

Click here for this link.


Inhaler Techniques

There are many different types of inhalers and this information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains how to use the different types of inhalers.

Metered-Dose Inhaler (with a spacer, without a spacer & 2 inches from the mouth): Click here for this link.

This free website allows you to select your type of inhaler and you can watch a video about each one on how to properly use it.

Click here for this link.


Facts about Asthma

This NIH (National Institutes of Health - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) resource provides facts about asthma.

Click here for this link.


Asthma Action Plan

All people with asthma should have an asthma action plan. The asthma action plan describes a step by step approach of what to do and what medicines to take daily and how to handle worsening asthma or attacks. The plan also details when it is important to call the doctor and/or go to the emergency room.

Click here for this link.

Tips for Talking with Your Pharmacist

This concise guide provides some helpful tips in discussing your medication regimen with your pharmacist or other healthcare provider.

Click here for this guide.


Tips for Sticking with Your Medication Plan

This guide provides tools and tips for improving medication adherence and helping you to stay on track with your medication regimen.

Click here for this guide.


Need Help Paying For Your Medications?

The NeedyMeds website has information on patient assistance programs along with coupons, rebates and other helpful resources.

Click here for the website.



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