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Offering a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Community pharmacies represent an untapped resource for diabetes prevention and delay. Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help screen, raise awareness and make an intervention impact. Pharmacists, already often called upon to counsel their patients with diabetes, may now be poised to counsel their patients in these manualized and evidence-based behavior change approaches especially when it comes to diabetes prevention.


We invite pharmacies to consider becoming a recognized CDC - DPP program!

You may already know:

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) clinical trial (NEJM, 2002) showed that a behavioral lifestyle intervention focused on healthy, balanced diet, physical activity (150-minutes weekly) and modest weight loss (7%) for overweight persons with impaired glucose tolerance or “pre-diabetes” was significantly more effective in reducing cumulative risk for diabetes than a drug or placebo intervention over 2.8 years. The incidence of diabetes was 58% lower with lifestyle and 31 percent lower with the drug metformin.

The Centers for Disease Control National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) (Diabetes Care, 2017) also showed that over 14,000 persons with obesity and elevated glucose who participated in an evidence-based, one-year DPP (attending 14 sessions on average) lost 4% of their initial body weight and just under half increased their physical activity to at least 150 minutes/week.


Learn more about the Diabetes Prevention program, by clicking here.

CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program - Standards and Operating Procedures

Information on Medicare and DPP, can be found by clicking here.


Click here for The Pharmacists Guide to DPP

Click here to find DPP sites including pharmacies.


CDC Videos



Part 1 and Part 2 may help you assess if you are ready to offer DPP in your pharmacy!



Introductory Webinar

PPA provided an introductory webinar on DPP and what we orginally offered to help a core group of pharmacies go through the program.  If you would like to access a recording of this webinar, please click here.


If you would like a copy of the slide deck utilized, please contact Pat Epple.


Pharmacies can also elect to walk through the process on their own at their own cost if they wish.  However, in order to receive information, updates, and other assistance we invite other pharmacies to let PPA know you are involved in DPP so we can keep you informed.


We are also launching a new initiative in the fall of 2018 - watch for more details!


Learn More About Our Partner

To bring this to interested Pennsylvania pharmacies, PPA has contracted with the Diabetes Prevention Support Center (DPSC) at the University of Pittsburgh to provide support and training in preparation for launching DPP in your pharmacy.  Click here to learn more about DPSC.


Resources for Current DPP Pharmacies

Click here for resources for current DPP pharmacies designed to help you implement the program.


More Information

Apply to the CDC to become a DPP Site


Advance Readings

Article on Main Outcomes
Article on Description of Behavioral Lifestyle Intervention Diabetes Care
Article on Model for Translation GLB

Article on Training and Translation

Resources from Medicare

Billing and Payment Quick Reference Guide: Provides a snapshot of the MDPP payment Structure and corresponding Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) G-Codes.
MDPP Sessions Journey Map: Provides an overview of the different types an and sequence of MDPP session.
MDPP FAQs: Answers commonly-asked questions about the MDPP expanded model.
Medicare Advantage (MA) Fact Sheet: Provides an introduction to Medicare Advantage for MDPP suppliers.


Additional Information

Article on Elective Course for DPP for Students - American Journal of Pharmaceutical Eductation


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