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Minimum Required Services

All PPCN Pharmacies must offer all of the following required services to be a PPCN Pharmacy.  Additional enahnced services are option but identified in our pharmacy locatior.


1. Comprehensive Medication Reviews: A systemic assessment of medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal medications and dietary supplements to identify medication-related problems, prioritize a list of medication therapy problems and create a patient-specific plan to resolve medication therapy problems working with the extended healthcare team.

2. Medication Synchronization Program: Aligning a patient’s routine medications to be filled at the same time each month. The pharmacists will provide clinical medication management and monitoring for progression toward desired therapeutic goals during the patient appointment at time of medication pick-up or delivery

3. Immunizations: Act of screening patients for ACIP recommended immunizations, educate patients about needed immunizations and administer immunizations when appropriate.

4. Medication Reconciliation: The process of comparing a patient’s medication orders to all of the medications that the patient has been taking (active, chronic, as needed and OTC including herbal) to avoid medication errors. This service is especially important during transitions of care when patients are most vulnerable to medication errors or mishaps.

5. Personal Medication Record: Ability to create a comprehensive list of current patient medications manually or from dispensing software.


Steps to Enroll Your Pharmacy in PPCN:

Pharmacies that feel they have what it takes, meet the required minimum service set, and are willing to invest in their and community pharmacy's future, should enroll today by following the steps below:


Initially Steps 1 through 4 MUST ALL be completed!


Step 1  - Enroll your pharmacy in CPESN-USA.  All PPCN pharmacies MUST also be CPESN pharmacies.  PPCN collects the monthly CPESN fee of $85 for each of our member pharmacies and submits them for you to CPESN.


Click here to sign the CPESN Enrollment Agreement.


Step 2 - Sign-up your pharmacy organization and any of your pharmacy locations in PPCN.  The agreement you will sign is done by your corporate entity or organization.  You also list any locations you wish to include that are under the same corporate/organizational umbrella on the agreement, keeping in mind that each one you list must also be a CPESN participant.

Click here for the PPCN Agreement.


Step 3 - Create a profile for each of the locations that are to be considered PPCN Pharmacies.  Enroll each location separately with PPCN, providing the requested information about the enhanced services you provide.  This information will be utilized in discussions with possible payers and will be searchable by Care Managers, please be as complete and accurate as possible.


To enroll each location separately, click here and then do for each participating pharmacy location.  Be sure to retain your separate usernames and passwords for each location. Be sure organization name used is exactly how you would like that location referenced.


For detailed steps to guide you through the form, click here.


Step 4 - Submit information for the payment of your monthly combined CPESN fee ($85) and your PPCN fee, currently only $34.  The current total amount is $119/month.


Click here for an ACH/Bank withdrawal authorization form


Click here for a credit card authorization form


Please note if your pharmacy location is a primary buyer with Value Drug Company, they are subsidizing your CPESN/PPCN enrollment up to the allowable $45.


Click here for a credit card form if you are a Value primary customer.


The following Additional steps are at your discretion:


Step 5 - Individually consider if eligible and accept if interested any payer opportunities that we may bring to you, by signing the agreements.   Your pharmacy will need to be logged in with the username you created above to view details on this opportunity and access the agreement.


Currently there is an opportunity for a Gateway Medicaid opportunity, click here for details.  (coming soon) Since this is a closed site, please be sure you are logged in as a PPCN pharmacy, (as created above).


Step 6 - In order to be eligible for any payer opportunities, a pharmacy must have at least one trained PPCN pharmacist.  To learn more and enroll in the CMMC to access the training, please click here.


Step 7 - To participate in our current payer opportunities, the STRAND documentation platform is needed.  To learn more about STRAND watch this informative webinar and then enroll your pharmacy, contact Ashley Keller for details.


If you have questions about any of these steps, please contact PPCN Executive Manager, Stephanie McGrath at smcgrath@papharmacists.com 





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