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LEAD - Pharmacy Leadership and Advocacy - Part I

February 2017


1. (noun)
     -  a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.  "he was an untiring advocate of economic reform"  synonyms: champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, exponent, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, campaigner, fighter, crusader;  antonyms: critic
      -  a person who pleads on someone else's behalf.  "care managers can become advocates for their clients"
      -  a pleader in a court of law; a lawyer.  "Marshall was a skilled advocate but a mediocre judge"

2. (verb)

--- Publicly recommend or support  "they advocated an ethical foreign policy"

synonyms: recommend, prescribe, advise, urge;


Module Objectives:

After participating in this module, participants will be able to:

1. Effectively communicate with legislators on pharmacy issues.
2. Identify the process of changing the pharmacy practice act.
3. Explain how pharmacy organizations support practicing pharmacists.


Module Presenter/Facilitator/Faculty:  


Patricia A. Epple, CAE

CEO, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association

Note:  Much of the module content referenced below was developed with the assistance of others including Don Smith and Coleen Kayden.

Learn more about Pat at http://www.papharmacists.co/LEADpresenters
Pat may be contacted at pepple@papharmacists.com



Recorded Webinar: 



We are asking that you complete these following short modules in GRASP.  Even if you completed GRASP as a student, you will want to watch each of the short videos as a good refresher.  You may also want to look at some of the listed resources.  We do not expect you to do the quiz but you certainly can.


GRASP Module 1 - Advocacy 101 (approx. 16 minutes)


GRASP Module 2 - State Board of Pharmacy (approx. 8 minutes)


GRASP Module 4 - Effective Written Communications (first video only - approx. 10 minutes)


GRASP Module 5 - Advocacy 201 - Making An Impact  (approx 25 minutes)


GRASP Module 7 - Marketing Your Profession (approx 20 minutes)


In the future, we encourage you to watch for the release of the PULSE(Pharmacists Utilizing Legislative Skills Effectively) program - which will be a more advanced advocacy program for new practitioners and other pharmacists to hone their advocacy skills.


Wrap-Up Conference Call Recording: 



Additional Interactions:

Your faculty member suggests that you consider reaching out to her and at least one of the following individuals who have agreed to serve as additional contacts on this subject matter, to help both in your comprehension of this subject matter and build up your pharmacy network.


1.  Jeff Stuby, Government Relations Manager, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association. jstuby@papharmacists.com or 717.234.6151 ext. 102


2.  Any of the following members of the State Board of Pharmacy:  Rob Frankil - Community - Independent Representative; Janet Hart - Community Chain representative; Terry Talbott - Community chain representative; Gayle Cotchen - Institution representative   Note: Many if not all of these individuals attend the PPA conference, you may want to meet them there.

3. Any of the following pharmacists who regularly attend PPA's Legislative Day and have been involved in our advocacy efforts:  Eric Esterbrook or Rob Frankil from above


Suggested Readings and Reflections:

1. Visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly website.  Poke around through it and you will see it has quite a bit of information.  What if there were not organizations to monitor and gather that information - how would individual pharmacists find time to regularly check up on newly proposed legislation?


2.  Learn more about federal issues and particularly provider status and consider how its passage may change pharmacy practice.  By clicking here and then specifically on that section you can learn what is being done to advance this issue.  Scroll down further on that page and explore the links to various national pharmacy association's and their legislative sections.  See how their focus might alter the legislation they are pursuing and where there are similarities.


3.  Do take some time to reflect on the importance of pharmacists being advocates for your profession and how you can be that effective advocate and leader, remembering that a leader also inspires others.


4.  Visit PPA's website and sections on advocacy - pay particular attention to our Legislative issues pages as you will see the various developing issues for this new legislative session.

Suggested Activities and Related Experiences:

1. Know who your legislator is:  If you do not --  visit PPA's Grassroots page and put in your zip code to find all your elected officials:  http://www.congressweb.com/ppa/legislators


2.  Attendance at Legislative Day on Wednesday, April 19.  We strongly encourage this.  If you do nothing else in this section - doing this is an important part of your experience, so mark your calendar now and plan to attend!


3.  Do your own visit!  If you cannot attend legislative day or even if  you can, schedule a time to meet with your state representative and state senator in their district office.  Work with PPA to make sure you are covering pertinent issues. 

4. Attend one State Board of Pharmacy meeting.  You can find upcoming dates on this webpage, along with directions to the meeting place. Since PPA attends all meetings, you can also work with Pat Epple to coordinate attending with her.




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