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Naloxone Toolkit - What Pharmacists Need to Know!

Since the fall of 2015, Pennsylvania has a statewide standing order which allows pharmacies to dispense Naloxone under the order from Dr. Rachel Levine, PA's Physician General.  A link to the standing order can be found below.


Why Should My Pharmacy Stock and Dispense Naloxone?

The short and honest answer is that because it is the right thing to do, every life is worth saving. Some pharmacists may feel that having naloxone in stock may place you and your business at risk of encountering potentially addicted patients. However, we stock glucose tablets, EpiPens and albuterol. At no point do we think twice about dispensing these to patients with diabetes, deadly allergies or asthma. We dispense these as rescue options just in case a patient encounters an emergency while trying to manage a disease. Addiction is no different. There is no evidence supporting that having naloxone increases overdose rates, but actually points to decreasing death associated with it. As pharmacists, we strive to do what is best for our patients, and to afford them every chance possible to become stronger and healthier. This could be giving that addict one more chance at rehab, or protecting a child that mistook medications for candy. Every patient has the right to live no matter what medical conditions they may have. Dispensing naloxone may result in saving the life of that patient be he/she an addict, a child, someone’s mother or grandfather.



Providing treatment options for addiction does go hand-in-hand with stocking naloxone; please see some of the resources available at the bottom of this page to learn more about what you can do to promote the next steps.


NBC10’s Generation Addicted Provides Raw Inside Look at the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

This epidemic is affecting more than "just" addicts

Yes, pharmacists can save lives using naloxone in addicts.  However, opioid misuse/abuse impacts children and families too.  And, naloxone can help save their lives.  Read about how naloxone saved the lives of two toddlers accidentally exposed to prescription narcotics and learn about the National Trends in Opioid Poisonings in Children

Perspectives of Survivors, their families, and other providers

Click here to read how naloxone has helped and saved lives!



Learn More!

The pharmacists' perspective

Hear from other Pharmacists as to how and why they are dispensing naloxone, including tips you can use in your practice.  Click here to learn more.


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Philadelphia Field Division (PFD) Intelligence Program conducted a comprehensive analysis of illicit drug and diverted pharmaceutical abuse in Pennsylvania.  Click here for this analysis.


How Do I Get Started - Steps to Implementing in Your Pharmacy

Click here for the Naloxone Implementation Guide.


College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacists: Naloxone Access: A Practical Guide for Pharmacists


APhA's Guide - Let's Talk About Naloxone.


Naloxone Registries

If your pharmacy stocks and dispenses Naloxone, register it with these registries.


Click here to view FAQs regarding Naloxone.


In this video Pennsylvania's Physician General, Rachel Levine, demonstrates how to administer Naloxone nasal spray.

Click here for this video.


Billing and Insurance Coverage

Medical Assistance: per 55 Pa Code, Chapter 1121 – Pharmaceutical Services - §1121.52, pharmacists can treat the standing order as a verbal order for Medical Assistance recipients.  PA Medical Assistance will make payment for naloxone for the eligible Medical Assistance recipient.  The Medical Assistance copay will not apply.  The Evzio Auto-Injector is covered by Medical Assistance, but requires prior authorization.  Generic naloxone is covered without the need for prior authorization.  there is no limit to the number of fills that can be obtained.  The Fee-for-Service Program will post information related to billing for naloxone on the DHS Pharmacy Services website  Pharmacies will need to contact each MCO individually to obtain information about their billing procedures. 


Please see this helpful chart which references payer coverage as best we know it.  Please be sure to always verify for current information.  This chart is only for initial reference only, please click here to access..

Other Assistance:  Kaleo will cover the costs for the Evzio kits.  This link below provides the information about this.  There is also a sample card that can be printed off for patients to take with them to the pharmacy.



Understanding the Standing Order 

Pennsylvania Department of Health website

To Access the Standing Order, click here


Get Trained!  Make Sure Your Patients Are Trained!

Overdose signs and symptoms    [English]     [Spanish]

What to do if you think someone may be overdosing    [English]     [Spanish]

How to administer rescue breathing during an overdose    [English]     [Spanish]

How to Administer Naloxone Nasal Spray    [English]     [Spanish]

How to Administer Naloxone (Luer Lock Nasal Spray)    [English]     [Spanish]

How to Administer Naloxone (Evzio)    [English]     [Spanish]

How to Administer Injectable Naloxone    [English]     [Spanish]


Be a Community Advocate

Go out in the community and talk about naloxone, why it is important, and how to administer.  See Patient Resources below for some materials to utilize.


Related CE Programs on Naloxone and/or Substance Abuse from PPA

Check for an upcoming webinars or other programs. 


On-Demand Webinars

Home Study Articles - please note these are available to members only and you must be logged in


Patient Resources

Prescribe to Prevent website has some good information around prescribing and dispensing of naloxone, as well as some flyers to use with patients.



Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) features an Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit as well as some helpful information.


Click here to access the toolkit..


Allegheny County Health Department has a number of useful tools especially to use with patients.


       Resources include:


Resources are also available at these websites:


Prevention Point - Philadelphia: http://ppponline.org/

Overdose Free PA: www.overdosefreepa.pitt.edu/



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