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PPA Outstanding Pharmacy Student Awards

Annually, the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association presents the PPA Outstanding Pharmacy Student Award to one graduating pharmacy student at each of the seven Pennsylvania schools of pharmacy. This award honors and recognizes students who have been most active in pharmacy organizations during his/her academic years. Recipients are selected by their school's faculty or student awards committee and especially PPA.


2020 Recipients

Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy

Elizabeth Leonard 


I have been involved with PPA since my first year of pharmacy school 4 years ago. After my first year as a member, I was elected to be the Duquesne Alternate Director which then lead to being named the Director my P3 year. This past year as a P4 student, I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors as the Director West. I have learned so much through this position and have made so many great connections over the years through PPA. I am very honored to have received the PPA Outstanding Pharmacy Student Award. PPA has been a huge part of pharmacy career thus far and I am so proud of all of the effort my fellow students and I have made to ensure PPA continues to have a strong presence at Duquesne University. I plan to stay involved as much as I can as a new practitioner and for many years to come. I will be completing a PGY1 pharmacy residency in acute care at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, PA. I plan to go on to do a PGY2 residency in either critical care or cardiology and eventually make my way into academia.


Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy

Erica Jackson


 I am humbled to be chosen as the Outstanding Student Award recipient for LECOM. PPA has been an important part of my journey through pharmacy school, allowing me to connect with pharmacists across the state. I have had the opportunity to grow as a leader through my experience as president of a student chapter as well as my time serving on the SPPA Student Advisory Board as Recording Secretary this past year. I plan to continue my involvement in PPA throughout my career. Ultimately, I would like to serve on the Education Foundation Board and be an active member.  I am honored to begin my career as a PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Resident at the University of Pittsburgh/Asti's South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh,  PA. I am looking forward to joining and becoming active in ACPA as well.


Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Andrej Quatrone


I am exceptionally grateful for the distinction of receiving the annual PPA Award for the Outstanding Pharmacy Student at the University of the Sciences! I have made so many fond memories and good friends throughout my time with the local student chapter as well as with my role on the Student Advisory Board. PPA’s voice for pharmacists throughout the state is something I truly believe is critical for the future of our profession and ultimately for the safety of the patients we serve. As for my future endeavors, I have been blessed with the opportunity to accept a PGY1 Residency at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. I am honored to receive this 2-year membership. I plan to continue my participation in PPA’s local and statewide activities. With Harrisburg less than 15 minutes away I will no doubt stay in touch. Hope to see everyone soon! Thank you so much to all the kind friends made throughout these past few years. A special thank you to Dr. Elizabeth Harris, Dean Edward Foote, and to all the students and alumni of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy that helped make our successes possible.

Temple University School of Pharmacy

Jonathan Lapin


 I am truly humbled and honored to receive one of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association's Outstanding Pharmacy Student Award. My involvement with PPA proved to be one of the most invaluable experiences as a student, opening my eyes to the importance of advocacy within our profession, and introducing me to issues that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. PPA, as an organization, truly incorporated student learners into all of their programming, giving us unparalleled exposure to the development of policies and the decisions that go into them - and those are experiences that have surely influenced my passion for professional advocacy. I will be beginning my career as a PGY-1 resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and looking to stay involved with PPA as a new practitioner! I would like to thank Pat Epple and the rest of the staff at PPA for this I credible honor, as well as always making themselves available to us! I would also be remiss if I did not thank our Temple faculty liasons, Dr. Jennifer Andres and Dr. Michael Barros! 

 University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Kiana Green


 PPA has given me the opportunity to advocate on behalf of my profession, expand my network, and develop life-long relationships with mentors and colleagues. When reflecting on my time at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, my involvement in PPA plays a predominant role with all the wonderful memories, learning experiences, and opportunities this organization afforded me. PPA has allowed me to grow immensely in my professional and leadership skills and has certainly contributed to my growth as a pharmacy student and young professional. I am extremely grateful and honored to be this year's Outstanding Pharmacy Student from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. My future plans are that I will be applying for licensure in PA and I will be completing a PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Wilkes University Nesbitt College of Pharmacy

Dylan Fox


PPA was the very first club I joined in pharmacy school at Wilkes University, and the Annual Conference in King of Prussia was my very first taste of the amazing opportunities afforded to attendees at meetings. Little did I realize that those two events started what would become one of the most instrumental experiences during my pharmacy school career! My involvement and appreciation for PPA has grown over the years, serving in leadership roles in both the Wilkes PPA chapter and on the PPA Board of Directors. I am extremely honored to have been recognized as the PPA Outstanding Student of Year at Wilkes University! My post-graduate plans include a 1-year Clinical Quality Evolution Fellowship at CVS Health in Woonsocket, RI. I plan to remain actively involved in PPA as a pharmacist, and look forward to attending conferences, advocating for the profession, and staying connected to the members of PPA.


2019 Recipients

Duquesne University: Jamie Celento, Pharm

Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Jose Fernandez, PharmD

LECOM: Michael Coulter, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Lauren Stabler, PharmD

Temple University: Ali Shahbaz, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Ashley Blazewick, PharmD

Wilkes University: Ali Fanucci, PharmD


2018 Recipients

Duquesne University: Brittany Carney, PharmD

Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Matthew McGuire, PharmD

LECOM: Sally Habusta, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Colleen D'Amico, PharmD

Temple University: Lin Tran, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Brandon Barry, PharmD

Wilkes University:Anthony Fanucci, PharmD


2017 Recipients

Duquesne University: Rachel Richter, PharmD

Jefferson College of Pharmacy: RJ LaCoursiere, PharmD

LECOM: Emily Petrak, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Nirali Patel, PharmD

Temple University: Hamad Juboori, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Jennifer Fever, PharmD

Wilkes University: Jennifer Smith, PharmD


2016 Recipients
Duquesne University:
Mariah Deibert, PharmD

Jefferson College of Pharmacy:

LECOM:Jamie Shepherd, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Breanna Kester, PharmD

Temple University: Nissa Tasnim, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Kelsey Moss, PharmD

Wilkes University: Trina Patel, PharmD

2015 Recipients

Duquesne University: Benjamin Andrick, PharmD

Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Marcell Martinez, PharmD

LECOM: Alicia Shontz, PharmD

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Antonella Frattarelli, PharmD

Temple University:Michael Bellano, PharmD

University of Pittsburgh: Kyle McGrath, PharmD

Wilkes University: Alysha Lopez, PharmD, RPh

2014 Recipients

Duquesne University: Haley Wochner
Jefferson University: Yuliya Barett
LECOM: Katherine Trexler
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Lydia Watkins
Temple University: Parth Bhatt
University of Pittsburgh: Brandon Antinopoulos
Wilkes University: Courtney Graham


2013 Recipients

Duquesne University: Keith Miller
Jefferson University: Kristine Manlangit
LECOM: Erin Sypolt
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Victoria Hart
Temple University: Ramzan Ali Judge
University of Pittsburgh: Erin Burke
Wilkes University: Benjamin Beidel


2012 Recipients

Duquesne University: Kyle Hampson
Jefferson University: Ryan Moser
LECOM: Brooke Spino
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Greg Yugov
Temple University: Jolita Burbulyte
University of Pittsburgh: Nick Wytiaz
Wilkes University: Tia Hickman


2011 Recipients

Duquesne University: Rebecca Watson
LECOM: Jennifer Bailey
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Thomas Franko
Temple University: Megha Patel
University of Pittsburgh: Jennifer Bacci
Wilkes University: Sarah Witkowski


2010 Recipients

Duquesne University: JJ Leffler
LECOM: Jaime Caputo
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Kristin Katra
Temple University: Narin Ahmed
University of Pittsburgh: Karleen Melody
Wilkes University: Adam Wood


2009 Recipients

Duquesne University: Christie Williamson
LECOM: Ashley King
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Denise Alexander
Temple University: Albert Cheng
University of Pittsburgh: Gretchen Kreckel
Wilkes University: Todd Weibel



2008 Recipients

Duquesne University: Megan Barnes
LECOM: Mariya Pacak
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: Elizabeth Mills
Temple University: Sejal Patel
University of Pittsburgh: Nickolas Kernich
Wilkes University: Melissa Sweigart






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