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PowerPoint 101
Promoting the Profession!  Taking a Pharmacy Show on the Road


You, your pharmacy, and the pharmacy profession has much to gain when we present powerful and interesting information about the role of a pharmacist, the value we bring, and medications in general. Building public awareness through presentations is an easy and effective way to have a strong impact on the profession and its role in today's healthcare community.


Anytime you are speaking in front of an audience especially for more than 15-20 minutes, it is a good idea to utilize a PowerPoint (ppt) slide presentation. These presentations often help keep your audience more engaged through visual stimulation and they are easy to follow. PowerPoint presentation will also help keep you, as the speaker, organized and on-track.


PowerPoint is Microsoft's program for creating a visual presentation that typically accompanies an oral presentation. PowerPoint has been utilized for well over 15 years and has become quite commonplace. It is quite flexible and has lots of options for organizing and planning your presentation.


PowerPoint can be utilized anywhere you have accessibility to a computer, and audio-visual equipment. A room that holds 10 or more people is ideal for the visual presentation. If your room and audience become more intimate, ppt has the ability to create handouts that can be printed and will coincide with your presentation as detailed as you make it, with the ability to create a margin for your audience to keep notes.


Anytime you need to have an organized speech. You create the slides and can put as much or as little information on the slide as you find necessary. It is best to keep your slides neat, with words at a minimum. Bullet points to tag the important details are ideal. You should spend approximately 2-3 minutes per slide. That creates a convenient way to time your presentation.


Microsoft has tutorials and help built into the software to help you create your presentation. Since it is Microsoft, any familiarity with other Microsoft products such as Word will assist you in learning how to use it and in developing your presentation. You choose which formation of textboxes you will use on each slide and will have the ability to change font size, style, and insert information from other resources as well as charts, graphics, photos, etc. There are also built in backgrounds available to use. With a little practice, it becomes quite easy to use.

In order to show PowerPoint presentations to a group, you will need an LCD projector. See below for some ideas on this.**

PowerPoint Tutorials from Microsoft

There are many other resources on the web - just Google PowerPoint and many options will appear.

General Hints

1) Keep slides simple
2) Don't put all your information on the slides - stick to key points and verbally embellish your information
3) Be careful of color choices. You want your letters to stand out against the background.  A light color against a dark background usually works best.
4) Avoid overuse of the bells and whistles such as slide transitions, graphic motions, etc.  These can get annoying.
5) Plan on 1 to 3 minutes per slide

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By Richard Brown, Ph.D., Coordinator of Distance Education and Technology-Enhanced Learning, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota. 

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