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Smoking Cessation Self Management: Mobile Apps

QuitSTART (Free)

Specifically designed for teens, but applicable to adult patients as well.  Utilizes patient-provided information to design individualized quit plans and support.  Also provides tracking of quit milestones and allows users to ear reward badges.

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QuitGuide (Free)

Allows users to input information regarding cravings, moods and triggers and then utilizes this information to develop customized tools to help deal with cravings, nicotine withdrawal and triggers.  The app also has a tool that allows users to track cravings by time of day and location to identify patters and deal with subsequent cravings.

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Kwit:  (Free with upgrades for a fee)

Utilizes game-like activities and motivational tools to assist patients in smoking cessation.  With increased success in the “games” the participants gain rewards within the app.  The app also tracks information such as “money saved”, “time passed since quitting” and “number of cigarettes not smoked.”  Additional features can provide inside into positive health benefits gained as the duration of smoking cessation increases.

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Smoke Free:  (Free with upgrades for a fee – Apple Only)

Utilizes scientific approach to smoking cessation and contains both a “free” version as well as additional options to purchase advanced features.  Provides patients with tips on dealing with cravings, allows patients to customize their approach to smoking cessation and allows them to track their progress in terms of tangible items like “dollars saved” or cigarettes “not smoked.”  The app features a community network for motivational social networking aspects and provides “reward badges” for attaining landmarks along the road to quitting.

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Livestrong My Quit Coach:  (Free – Apple Only)

Provides customizable options for quitting smoking with options for “quitting now” or “tapering off”.  Allows patients to develop a personalized plan for smoking cessation and utilizes a system of rewards, outcomes tracking and social networking functions to keep them on track.  This app also allows patients to upload individualized motivations for quitting such as pictures of loved ones or items to buy instead of cigarettes.

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