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Meet Your Advisory Board


Jose Fernandez, Corresponding Secretary

Jefferson, PharmD Candidate 2019


1. Why did you decide to run to be a part of the Student Advisory Board

I continuously seek opportunities to increase my level of involvement in organizations. Primarily for PPA, coordination and implementation of Legislative day’s for the past two years for my college showed me the wonderful accomplishments PPA had. Without the continuous efforts of this organization, pharmacy practice in Pennsylvania would very different, and for the worse. Though I am not a Pennsylvania resident, I want to be a part of the great team that continues to fight for our profession, enhance our practice, and improve patient care.


2. What are you most looking forward to accomplishing during your term?

I hope to inspire other colleagues to seek higher level positions and leadership roles in areas they are passionate about. As I continuously seek more challenging and involved positions, the leaders in these organizations are the ones who initially motivated me to become more involved and become a better provider. I aim to pay forward the dues and inspire the next generation of leaders by setting an example and being a reliable resource. Also, I want to relay the information and duties of PPA to my colleagues to show them the value of advocacy and potential we have as a profession.


3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully by this time I would successfully complete a PGY2 in Pharmacy Administration and have a sustainable leadership role in a Health-system. I also hope to increase my level of engagement in multiple professional organizations by seeking committee positions as a new practitioner. For my personal life, I want to own a little ranch style house, buy my other 3 dream motorcycles to add to my collection, and have 3 pugs (a white, black, and fawn).


4. What activities are you currently involved in?

Currently I am just a member of APhA, ASHP, IPhO, PPA, IPSF, and Jefferson’s Student Body Governance. Previously I held multiple positions in each organization, some over many years, and ones at the local, State, Regional, and National level. In addition to this new SPPA position, my only other leadership role is my position on the IPSF international policy committee, in which I am the only member from the United States. I also participate in research for faculty and work at a hospital as an intern.


5. What do you do in your free time?

I would say GTL, but I don’t like doing laundry, so GTR, gym, tan, riding (motorcycle). I’m from Jersey, I’m allowed to be like this. But in addition to the stereotypical “shore” lifestyle, I also like to work on my motorcycle and car, explore nature by going on hikes or walks, and I sew, primarily I make ties! I also find great pleasure and humor in watching people argue on what they address me by. Formally my name is Jose but many call me Joey, I have zero preference but it always creates havoc for people making their decision.

6. If you could have dinner with anyone (alive/dead, real/fake, ect.) who would it be and why?

I wish I could have dinner with my pug. He was a little fat black pug named Boo, I miss that porker. If we had dinner together we could simply sit and enjoy the time. He was the best companion that left way too young and in the middle of my academic pharmacy career.


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